Creation has always been my passion.

My history with design started in high school, where I spent 3 years studying Applied Arts. I arrived there with the ambition to become a fashion designer, but soon I got interested in many other fields of design, such as product, furniture, architecture, materials or communication.

Unwilling to choose a specific direction to pursue my studies, but rather trying to enlarge as much as I could my range of skills, I left France for the Netherlands and the Design Academy of Eindhoven. There, I learned new working methods, tamed new mediums I didn't know before, and constituted for myself a broad design culture and philosophy, linked to our current socio-economic background. By the end of my propaedeutic year, I chose to study interior design and urbanism, before changing my mind and switching for the trend department.

It is at this moment, in this department, that I gained a real conscious of what fashion is, its modus operandi, the industrial structure that's supporting it, its impact on society and the issues that it generates : pollution, human exploitation, plundering…

I left the Design Academy with a deep disenchantment with fashion and design in general, and dedicated the following months to studying this problem and wondering what to do next.

I eventually chose to study textiles and applied to the ENSAAMA (Paris), where I graduated from a BTS in Fashion Design, Textiles and Environment in 2018.

However I never stopped being interested in other types of design and I keep on working in fashion design, graphic design, communication… I'm building my projects around ethical and ecological consideration, trying to source local or second hand materials as much as possible and promoting slow design and handcraft.


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